No amount of hate,
Could distract from the quantity of love,
That was made in us,
And meant for life.

I may not say it often,
But you know regardless,
That our spits of strife,
Are temporary moments of stubbornness.

As stubborn as we are,
We make each other laugh,
I see you as my guardian,
And me as your princess.

I wouldnt be where I am today,
If it were not for you,
You would not be the father that you are,
If it weren’t for me.

I remember you hugs full of soul which held together all my broken pieces.

I remember your stubbly chin when you blessed me,
Your warm breath and strong arms.
I miss that. I miss it and I need it.

I miss the looks which told me it was okay.
I miss the sounds of the words which told me a million things in one sentence.
I now miss and crave your hugs and your ways of love.

I miss it all daddy and I would give anything to have you back again.
forget the other words I wrote.
Just listen to my voice.

I miss you. I need you and I know you miss me too and my broken pieces are falling apart and only you can help.

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