To tell you.


I want to tell you,
How you make me feel invincible. How you make me feel loved and wanted. How your bitten lip mirroring mine ignites something so strong I couldn’t resist. How your soft kiss on my forehead makes my heart swell with emotion.
I want to tell you how I crave your attention, your interest. I crave your touch and your time. Your admiration and awe. How I crave your first thought and last word.
I want to tell you how I dream of you, your future merging with mine. The problems we will over come and the successes we shall have. Of how I think of the next time I will see you and in my head I plan how I want us to be, but nothing compares to the reality.
I want to tell you all of these things, because I want you to know how much I love you, but at the same time i don’t and can’t tell you, as I am afraid I will scare you and you will leave. So for now I will write it down, and when we are saying our vows, I will come back to this and tell you for the first time how you really make me feel. And for the first time I hope you feel the same.