This ones for you


It’s beginning to scare me now, It’s the sublime experience of loving you but not being in love with you. 

I’ve yet to discover your pet hates and sleeping habits. Or the way you have your coffee or write your name.

But my hearts already beating for every time you bite my lip and breathe in my ear. 

I already wake to the sound of your laughter and fall asleep to lucid scenarios I dare to dream of. 

I still have to learn what you are most fond of, what you’re best childhood memory is.

 I am still to see how you laugh and cry and how emotions shake you until you become another man. 

Yet you’ve already shown me the surface, I already know to soothe your anger and to hug you wholesomely.

 I know to stroke your hair and kiss you softly, I know how to love you but my guarded self doesn’t know how to be in love with you. 

So that’s what you have to learn about me.