I’ll leave this one untitled in the hope I say nothing stupid


Please know that I love you?Please know that with every tumbling clumsy word I mumble,I mean it only from a place of honesty and comfort. 

I mean it so true that I almost assume you’ll know my intentions are nothing but kind. 

Please know that I’m sorry?

I’m sorry I stumble over many small bumps, All which lead you down the road of questioning, doubt and sorrow. I do love you. 
In some worlds love is not enough, for those who tumble and fall knew they were subverting the barrier of what’s right and what’s wrong. 
In our world now, all barriers are clear, all filters present and I only hope you’ll see past any reason for doubt with views true to what we are. 
We are in love, we are two song birds in April and two lions in the great desert. We are two people and souls with all the best intentions and wants. 

So please forgive my clumsy demeanour, for I mean only to love you with honesty and wholesomeness, and I want nothing more than to love you for as long as my body, mind and imagination will let me.  

To the man reading this-


There aren’t enough words to describe this feeling, The feeling so many before me have tried to animate. 

The motion of adoration and love, is what my heart’s film is reeling.

I don’t write as much anymore, 

Mostly because the pains I used to write about are gone, And now there’s you soothing me at my core. 

Yet despite my developments and happiness. A new emotion has come around and this is one I struggle with. 
This a feeling that no amount of scenery can soothe, 
No amount of stimulants can excite and no amount of painkillers can subside. 

This feeling is one which outlines a girl who can’t be enough.
A girl who had been destroyed so many times she is now the thing that destroys. And what she hates the most is that she has finally found her flower in the field, her drop in the ocean and flake in the snow. She’s finally found her ying to her yang, her mothers favourite animal and her comfort when she needs it. 

She’s finally found the thing worth fighting for and yet she always seems to tread blindly into minefields. 

The only words she has left to write are those of apologetic means and sorrowful regrets. 
But I won’t do that. 
Instead I will write words of which you may not make much sense of, but to the man reading this, it makes all the sense of any other lyrical piece.  

To the man reading this, he understands what she is trying to tell him. 

To he man reading this, these apparent rambles are all he needs to see to know she adores him. 

To the man reading this, she’s sorry. And although that five letter word isn’t enough to illustrate an emotion this strong. It is enough to tell you I love you, and that each new flake in the snow is only as unique as it can be, due to the fact it’s made of a love for you so intricate and delicate, no one else could understand or create it. 

It’s made of a love so perfect and mismatched that it fits our edges as though it were tailor made. 

It’s this love which only he and her, or you and I can see. 

It’s this love M.J.B.C that makes us me and you.