I was gazing at the trees ahead when I saw you, just by the entrance.  You were in your grey magnetic suit and my God did you look charming. I attempted to wave. 

For all of the promises I made myself, my tears only betrayed them. You hugged me and all of the pieces I was holding together on a string finally collapsed. I felt myself melt and mould to you like a soft candle against a flame. A lump arose in my throat, my feet lost their balance and my body felt like two. 

I knew I was home. 

I wanted to hold on for longer, I missed the way you used to hold me close. I missed the way I’d stroke the back of your hair or how you’d burrow yourself away in the crevice of my neck. As we sat and talked our conversations were decorated with pillows of emotions. Anger bubbles and simmered as hot tears cascaded down my firing cheeks and followed the curve of my trembling lips. Yet all I could fantasise of was kissing yours. I wanted you to bite my lip and revisit a feeling I knew so well. Pain resonated itself in my fingertips.

As we continued to speak I zoned out of the world I was in and became lost in our own. 

I watched the grass as you spoke. Explaining how my words had caused the pain I now heard in yours. You moved away, I inched closer. All I wanted to do was touch you. I heard your voice crack and as you looked up at me I recognised a face I’d seen myself wear so recently. You were heartbroken too. Your eyes pricked with tears and in that moment I felt a spike pass through me. I love you, isn’t that all that matters? 

The anger subsided, I saw it disintegrate into the musky summer air; as it did, sadness and despair took its place. Almost like a snake shedding its skin. I rested my heavy head on your shoulder. The silence between us acted as a comfort to my wirring lost mind. As I sobbed you tilted your head so it was touching mine. I felt my hands rise with hope to stroke your hair. 

The closer we became the more nervous I felt. I sensed your aura of uncertainty as your forrhead matched mine. Nose to nose, body to body. Lips just a breath away from mine. 

I kissed you. 

In that second my mind and body sparked, my heart jumped and as you kissed back, you reignited the person I left behind that night. Our kisses were fast and unforgiving. You wanted me as badly as I wanted you. Tears bellowed and bustled down me cheeks and salted our sweet kiss, only making it sweeter. 

I felt calm again, I felt in love and alive again. I wanted me and you to be us again, and for one damning soft moment we were. 

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