Solitary findings. 


I found myself alone. I found myself a car park. 

I found myself a bench. 

Or maybe even a coffee shop. 

Yet I was still alone. 

The feeling sunk into my pores and I’d realised there was no going back now. 

I was alone. 

In this big, over helming world, there was tiny me. 


I found myself the church. 

I found myself the flowers. 

I found myself the boy. 

That sinking feeling came and went like the evening tide subsiding. 

I found myself his arms and with that a comfort. 

He gave me five whole pounds and told me to go get a coffee. 

I found myself a coffee and with that some tears. 

He told me to wait and so wait is what I’ll do. 

I’ll wait until he’s here and then we can talk about it. 

But talk about it as much as you want. I’d still be alone in this big blue world. 

At least I found my boy though. 

At least I found my coffee. 

That was something I guess. 

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